November 3, 2017 Tobie Azeez

Top 5 Restaurants that need Swiftdine

1. Cheesecake Factory
The Cheesecake Factory is an American style, large chain restaurant that we all know and love. The one thing we don’t love about it, is the time it takes to enjoy their delicious food. They have roughly 92 million guest per year nationwide. You’re looking at 100 million plus with the use of Swiftdine.

2. Red Lobster
This is where it all started for me, in population 40,000 Lima, Oh. At the time Red Lobster was the upper echelon of places to eat. So for what is meant to be a nice Sunday afternoon lunch would turn into an entire two hour ordeal just to eat out. If you have any kind of time constraint you have no choice but to cross this off your list of places to go. Instead of accepting the way things are, we fixed it.

3. Applebees
I can’t think of another restaurant that tries to lure people in with more marketing campaigns than Applebee’s. They’re losing traction day in and day out to the likes of fast casual restaurants like Chipotle and Piada. The problem with Applebee’s is that the quality of their food isn’t substantially better than the aforementioned groups, but it takes infinity more time to get the food for the same price if not more. The solution to their problem is simple.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings
The sporting events you’re going to watch while stuffing your face with wings and washing it down with a cold beer are on a timed schedule. So why isn’t your food? On big sporting event days, you often have to arrive a few hours early to ensure you get a table at around the time the game starts. But thats just the beginning, hooray you have a table. Now you just have to wait for your food while the kitchen is firing at full capacity trying to meet the demands of a restaurant thats a full occupancy.

5. The Capital Grille
I wanted to include one relatively high end restaurant on this list to show the many dimensions and opportunities you have with our service. Say you have an entire evening planned out. You and a significant other or just another person are going on a date. Your plan is to dine, and catch a broadway show, of course which will be at a specific time. So you make your standard reservation. Seated at the scheduled 6:30, breeze over the wine list, order your drink, breeze over the lengthy menu, finally make place the order. You’re now in conversation for the next 30 minutes while the food is being prepared. Time is starting to get scarce. When you’re finished you’ll be lucky to get and pay the check ten minutes. This leaves little to no time for the commute to your scheduled broadway play that will start regardless of your attendance. Please…change your ways.

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