November 3, 2017 Tobie Azeez

“Just Swift it”

We live in an era where unlike no other, time stops for no one. It’s the inevitable, and everlasting rat race, twenty four seven. whether it be a meeting, a soccer game, or a play, you’re expected to be very prompt. So how is it that a daily activity for all people is left up to chance? This is something we’re all very familiar with, “It’ll be thirty minutes to an hour for your table”, “there’s a line out the door, no way we can eat here and make the game on time”. This way of thinking is very archaic, and primitive.

It would be almost magical, dare I say extraordinary if I told you, you could walk into a Cheesecake Factory with a party of five on a Saturday night and not only be seated right away but served your meals as soon as you’ve arrived.

This is all possible with the adoption of a new dining service called Swiftdine. See Swiftdine has evolved with the modern ideology of on-demand. Restaurants are already starting to wake up and provide their own individual services to allow their customers to order their food from their mobile devices. Seems okay in theory, but in reality you will end up with hundreds if not thousands of individual restaurant apps on your phone. That is as redundant as having to call individual drivers to give you a ride as opposed to utilizing the transportation marketplace that is Uber.

Swiftdine is here to make your life easier and more efficient, for both the diner, and restaurant. At the end of the day you’re going to eat to enjoy yourself with friends and family, or just want a quick bite of good food. Time shouldn’t play a factor in the options of places you get to make your experiences. Just Swift it.

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